KBA distance electronics training

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We provide KBA distance electronics training with 18 years of experience and KBA certificate from an electronic engineer.


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Work To Be Done During The Training;
1- Introduction of the machine,
2- Reading electrical projects,
3- Fault detection, follow-up,
4- Intervention forms,
5- Entering the programs,
6- Commands,
7- Using the programs,
8- Programming installation,
9- Programming,
10- Examining the service menu,
11- Detailed analysis of the Arcnet connection system,
12- Ethernet connection systems,
13- Working logic of the parts,
14- Things to consider,
15- The most frequent malfunctions and solutions,
16- Measures to be taken,
17- Working logic of the machine,
18- Experiences and applications related to the malfunction,
19- Communication methods, security and machine failures,
20- Parts of the machine and intervention methods from the PLC on the screen,
21- Backing up machine screen information,
22- Machinery and personnel safety,
23- All other electronic issues related to your machine,






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